Who we are:

Heimdallr Secuirty Contracting & Asset Management is a Private Military Corporation that specializes in Fleet Security, Bounty Hunting, Scouting, and Logistical Operations. Our leadership comes from a long history of EVE Online and Military Simulators, with many in our corporation coming from these lines as well.


We offer the following contract services to our customers:


  • Security Escort – Are you planning on transporting goods through those nasty parts of the universe? We offer premium protection from anyone that you don’t want in close proximity of your assets, whether that be a VIP, a ship, or even basic cargo. This service is only available to those whom schedule 12+ hours in advance.
  • Property Retrieval – Has your property been stolen? Don’t have enough manpower or assets to get it back? You’re in luck. At HeimSec, we employ a large variety of personnel, all with the proper training and tools to persuade those who didn’t earn their assets, into giving them back to their rightful owners.
  • Perimeter Security – Is there an area you need secured, or stationary assets that you need protected until you’re ready to go? Then we’re the right security for you. At HeimSec, our vast tactical knowledge and application procedures ensure your safe landing – allowing you to go about your business without worry.
  • Support Teams – At HeimSec, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver Combat Veteran Support to our clients quickly, and fully armed on short notice. Our employees are trained in top-of-the-line facilities, armed with the highest grade equipment available to Private Military Corporations, and are all former members of the United Earth Empire Navy. We offer Infantry, Logistics, and Sub-Capital Support Fleets, all for you to utilize on short notice.